NextPlans releases Version 2.0 of NextPlansMobile iPad application

Version 2.0 of our app is available today! This complete re-design of our application give users a clean, easy to use interface with a few new bells and whistles...

Improved syncing of documents between your device and the NextPlans Cloud

Updated annotations interface and 100% compatibilty with Adobe Acrobat annotations.

Within the Planroom and Collaboration sections there is a NEW area called the WorkDesk. You can use the WorkDesk to keep documents readily available while you are working with them. Think of this as your digital drafting table.

Existing users click the link HERE to download the Quick Start Guide today
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NextPlans Mobile iPad App

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NextPlans new service featured in CE Magazine

Construction Estimators Magazine

NextCall was launched in June of this year as a call service built in to the pre-construction module of NextPlans. Estimators can identify where they have not gotten good initial response and prompt the call service by trades needed for that project. Local call center representatives then contact subs on behalf of the General Contractor to determine whether or not the subcontractor is going to bid the project. That information is then put back into the bidder call report in NextPlans for the estimator to review and have for future evaluation.

Construction Estimating Magazine sat down with Stephanie Hinson a Program Manager for NextPlans to discuss the service and it's progress

CE Magazine: NextCall was launched in June, but just now seems to be gaining strides, what's changed?

Stephanie: We worked hard to promote the service to our existing clients and through that marketing and inner soul searching by our clients we have really picked up momentum these last 2 months.

CE Magazine: What do you mean when you say inner soul searching by your clients?

Stephanie: There were a few concerns or obstacles we needed to overcome:
1) Clients were concerned that there would be scope specific questions that a sub would want answered that we wouldn't be
able to.
2) Many clients were tasking these initial call responsibilities to their entry level estimators or estimating assistants
3) It would take away from the personal touch of calling a sub yourself for their pricing.

CE Magazine: How are you addressing or have you addressed these concerns?

Stephanie: We custom prepare the call script with our clients before calling subs. So far the script has been fairly consistent between our clients using the service. We ask the sub if he is interested in bidding "project x" If he/she says "yes" we update the reporting and include any additional comments. If they say "no" we ask if they can expand on their "no" response and we
update that information in the reporting as well. Any scope questions we refer them back to the invitation and the estimator for the project from our GC client.

CE Magazine: What about concerns 2 and 3?

Stephanie: These concerns are where the real inner soul searching comes into play. Our clients have to feel like the calls they need to be made aren't being made. A lot of money can be spent in pre-construction before the GC even has the job so they really have to evaluate their time & cost versus the NextCall service. If you can put together pricing on 2 projects in the time it would ordinarily take you to do 1 it seems like a good fit. You aren't wasting any time calling for clarification of bid intention, you are calling to answer scope questions, sway someone off of the "Undecided" list, or follow-up on a quote that's due.

CE Magazine: So, no personal touch gets lost from using the NextCall service?

Stephanie: None what-so-ever. If you look at it like a sales pipeline, we are warming the leads. An estimator will know who to call to give that personal touch too. A good example we see a lot of; "Not sure yet", "We have a lot going on", "Please have the estimator contact me". These are people on the fence where personal touch is needed. Senior estimators can better train entry level estimators by immediately being able to go into in depth conversation with a prospective subcontractor.

CE Magazine: Is there any other information an estimator should know about the service?

Stephanie: Definitely. We find a lot of times after the call service has been requested on a project that a lot of the contact information in the GC database is outdated. We update the information, and resend the invitation for the client. That information is then entered into the reporting interface for their reference.

NextPlans releases NextPlansMobile for iPad in the US iTunes App store

Contact: Chris Perkins, (866)215-0428,
Winston Salem, NC - November 28, 2012
NextPlans, an industry leading provider of construction performance management software and tools, is pleased to announce the release of their iPad app for NextPlans. With NextPlansMobile your iPad is your gateway to view, store and annotate the documents you access on the NextPlans project delivery system.
Eric Benson, lead developer of the app and architect of NextPlans states, "The evolution of construction document distribution and management continues with the iPad. Most other apps lean towards project reporting or analytics for contractors, which doesn't solve the problem of having a full set of project documents available anywhere at anytime. NextPlansMobile allows users to download and store documents on an iPad, annotate them and re-distribute the annotated documents from virtually anywhere using a cellular network or wifi."
NextPlans offers a suite of web-based construction project management tools for communication, collaboration, document management, vendor and subcontractor qualification, and bidding management. The utilization of NextPlans tools can be utilized by all members of a project team and NextPlansMobile is another service that will continue that trend.
"We wanted to start the foundation of our app around maximizing utilization of the iPad touch-screen, and walking the jobsite with drawings at your disposal to quickly edit and distribute is the clearest intent for the utilization of an iPad in construction," said Chris Perkins, NextPlans' Director of Technical Services. NextPlans' development team reviewed several construction industry related studies that indicated that Construction firms justified the purchase of iPads and other tablet devices specifically for field personnel. Chris Perkins added, "As we continue to develop releases for our app, we will prioritize them around the needs of our clients' and their most mobile personnel."

Download From App Store Here

NextPlans Announces Upgrades to its Construction Project Management Software

Contact: Chris Perkins, (336)724-2871,

Winston Salem, NC – May 1, 2012
Latest enhancements focuses on improved bid invitation processes, batched document downloads, enhanced collaboration, and easier project notifications.

NextPlans, a provider of construction project management software, announced a series of enhancements and updates to the NextPlans system.

"We are always soliciting feedback from our users," said Zane Sharpe, Vice President of Sharpe Images. "Our development team responded by delivering a range of enhancements to the NextPlans system that will increase users efficiency and collaboration,"

The recent upgrades included:

  • Easier Bid Invitations - Not only can users respond to a bid invite via email (accept and decline), but they now can respond after logging in to the NextPlans application. When they log-in, users are now are given the opportunity to accept or decline from the start page.
  • Batch Document Downloading - Last year, NextPlans provided users with the ability to batch download project documents instantly. We have extended this to give users the ability to batch download multiple discipline folders, or an entire project.
  • Re-sending of notifications - Users asked for the ability to re-send notifications to project team member, and now that is available.

"NextPlans is a very flexible system, and our users consistently find that they are able to significantly improve their project performance by using the tools we provide," Sharpe added. "This latest upgrade will provide even more tools to help our customers successfully deliver projects."

NextPlans and Sharpe Images Launch NextBids

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NextPlans and Sharpe Images Launch NextBids Contact: Chris Perkins, 1020 Burke St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, (336)724-2871

Winston Salem, NC - July 22, 2011

Sharpe Images and NextPlans are pleased to announce their new public on-line plan room service "NextBids". "NextBids will provide more project content and service capabilities to our users by including projects in Virginia and Georgia. We hope to build on our long-standing slogan 'Do you know where your next project is... We Do!' by servicing a broader geographic region", states Chris Perkins, Director - Technical Services. For more information, visit

January 2011 Feature Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NextPlans January 2011 Feature Release Contact: Chris Perkins, 1020 Burke St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, (336)724-2871

Winston Salem, NC - January 10, 2011

NextPlans, a project information management and distribution (PIMD) service, is pleased to announce its January 2011 Feature Release.

Collaboration Subject Lines – Added the ability to change the subject line of a collaboration email. We have also added, under review notifications, a list view of the notifications to include the subject lines. If a user does not specify a subject line, the notification will revert to the default subject line previously in place.

Collaboration Message Formatting – Added a text editor to the message box, allowing formatting of the message body of a collaboration email.

iPhone/iPad – NextPlans now allows viewing of project documents via iPhone/iPad. This does not require an app, just navigate to the sites as normal, and view a document. You can also add the PDF to iBooks if you use that app (this will allow you to save a document for subsequent viewing).

Streaming Downloads - All users will be able to more efficiently download multiple documents from any NextPlans plan room. This will, for many users, bypass the package download method of batch downloads of project documents. By selecting this new option, users can instantly download the contents of a project folder to their computer versus downloading individually or placing a Package Download order.