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Support FAQ's

NextPlans is an online plan room where project construction documents (plans and specifications) are posted so that interested parties may access those documents using a computer. Documents can be ordered and printed from the plan room host, or downloaded direct from the site. In a nutshell, NextPlans provides anytime access to construction documents.

At NextPlans, we cater to customers with high availability requirements. The web application utilizes two geographically separate SAS 70 Type II certified facilities that are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. These data centers are built to a 2N power distribution design standard, which features dedicated redundant elements from top to bottom, including generators, utility feeds, main electrical switchboards, and more. Your documents can be stored in these highly available environments or on a web server at the location of your choice.

Tell us your name, company, and the site(s) you are trying to access.

Go to the login page.
Click on “Click here if you’ve forgotten your password.”
Enter your username and email address.
Click “Request Password.”
You will receive an email with your password right away.

Go to the login page.
Click on “Click here if you’ve forgotten your password.”
Click on “Click here if you've forgotten your Single Sign-On password.”
Enter your email address.
Click “Request SSO Password.”
You will receive an email with your password right away

I like to use the same username for all plan roms, what can I do? Setup a Single Sign-On account. Click here to watch the video

Setup a Single Sign-On account. Click here to watch the video

You can have one username for all NextPlans plan rooms and NextBids.
By creating a Single Sign-On account, your email address will become your username for all NextPlans plan rooms and NextBids.
Login to any NextPlans plan room or NextBids.
Click on the Profile tab at the top.
On the left, under Single Sign-On, click on Apply for an account.
On the next page, in the lower right, click on “To sign up, click here.”
Your first name, last name and phone number will already be filled out. Do not change anything; just click “Next.”
The next screen will show a list of your usernames for the plan rooms in which you have registered.
Check the box to the left of Username. This will automatically check all the boxes below it. Click “Next.”
The next screen will show your contact information. Make edits if necessary.
At the bottom of the screen enter your email address, create a password, and click “Finish.”
You will receive an email once NextPlans approves your Single Sign-On Account.

Log in to the plan room.
Click “Profile.”
Update your information.
At the bottom of the page, click “Update.”

Find the project.
Click the project name until you see a list of folders beneath it.
To download folders, check the box next to the folder, scroll to the bottom of the page and click download.
To download individual drawings, click the folder to show the drawings inside. Then, check the boxes next to the drawings, scroll to the bottom and click download.
A new window will appear with a list of the drawings you selected.
Click the Download button. Choose the location on your computer to which you want to save the plans.
If you are unable to download documents using this method, you can do a Package Download. Or, you can follow the suggestions under the topic, ‘I am unable to view drawings when I click the view button.’ These solutions will also work if you are having problems downloading.

How do I do a Package Download?
Check the boxes next to the folders/drawings you want and at the bottom of the page, click “Add Selected to Cart.” This will take you to your Cart. You will initially see a price. If the contractor allows free downloading, this price will reset to $0 before you complete checkout. Click “Checkout” in the upper right. Under Shipping, check the box next to “Package Download.” In the upper right, click “Continue.” In the upper right, click “Place Order.” Click “OK.” In the upper left, click “Start.” You will see a Pending Order. In a few minutes, click the refresh button on your browser. If the drawings are ready you will see “Download” instead of “Pending.” If it still says “Pending,” wait a few more minutes and click refresh again. Most downloads will be ready within 10 – 15 minutes of placing your order.

Some NextPlans sites require you to pay for downloads.
If you don’t believe you should be charged for downloading in a particular plan room, email with your contact information and the name of the plan room you are visiting.

Your enhanced membership pays for unlimited downloading in NextBids only. All other NextPlans plan rooms may or may not require you to pay for downloads.

If you received an invitation to bid, the password should be on the email or fax. If it is not, contact the plan room owner (e.g. General Contractor) to obtain the password.

Look at the information and links below...
Is your browser compatible?
Are you using a Mac?
Is the latest version of Java installed and enabled?
Try clearing your cookies.
Try clearing your Java cache.
If you are still having problems we recommend downloading the plans instead of viewing them online. This provides optimum viewing performance.

Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are supported. Internet Explorer 64-bit edition and Chrome are not compatible with our document viewer.

The icon for Internet Explorer 64-bit says “(64-bit)” next to it. Open the Internet Explorer that does not say this next to it.

Open Finder.
Click on “Applications.”
Click on “Utilities.”
Open Java Preferences.
Drag and drop the 32-bit version of Java to the top of the list
Close and restart your browser.

Go to
Click “Free Java Download.”
Click “Agree and Start Free Download”
After downloading the file, if installation does not start automatically, find the file and open it to start the installation.
Close and restart your browser

Internet Explorer - Click Here
Firefox - Click Here
Safari - Click Here

The goal of this app is to allow users access to project documents stored in the NextPlans system. Project documents are either planroom documents or collaboration documents. Planroom documents can be viewed, annotated and shared with others. Collaboration documents can also be viewed, annotated, shared with others or saved back to the NextPlans vault. Once a project is synced with this device, you’ll be able to access the documents locally without the need for an Internet connection. For a detailed Quick Start Guide Click Here

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